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Black Friday offer

Faster site
for even
more sales

This Black Friday only, boost your site speed, Core Web Vitals, and conversions for a fraction of our regular prices.


Black Friday offer



1 website

50,000/mo pageviews

25GB/mo CDN bandwidth


Black Friday offer



1 website

200,000/mo pageviews

100GB/mo CDN bandwidth


Black Friday offer



1 website

1,000,000/mo pageviews

500GB/mo CDN bandwidth

One plugin, performance power

Instant speed boost

Achieve > 3s load times across all desktop and mobile pages right after installation

360° Image Optimization

Compress all your images automatically without compromising quality

Passed Core Web Vitals

Join the top 46% of sites that offer great UX (yes, this means INP too)

Code Optimization & Caching

JS, CSS, and HTML minification, plus advanced  caching for faster content delivery

180K+ websites load in 3s  this Black Friday

My website speed has been phenomenal! 

"Ever since I switched to NitroPack, my website speed has been phenomenal! The difference is night and day. Highly recommended!"

~ Alexa M.

The solution to reduce LCP below 2.5

“With NitroPack I finally found the solution to reduce the LCP value below 2.5 on all sides. If you don't know NitroPack yet, you should get to know it.”


Leverage a powerful web application

With NitroPack, you and your team get streamlined site optimization and account management in a centralized intuitive dashboard.



Ensure everyone is on the same page by assigning different roles and inviting new people for controlled access through our robust permission settings.

Double the speed, double the win

Refer a friend to NitroPack, and both of you stand a chance to win a free Scale subscription [save $1,760 each] for an entire year.

Thank you for your donation!

  • What is the difference between NitroPack and NitroPack OneClick™?
    NitroPack offers a comprehensive optimization with 35+ features for all website sizes across various platforms. NitroPack OneClick™ is a simplified solution designed for smaller websites, providing instant speed boosts with a one-click setup, available as a paid add-on in select hosting panels.
  • Which one is better for my website: NitroPack or NitroPack OneClick™?
    If you have a larger website or need the option to make adjustments and scale your site performance, NitroPack would be the ideal choice. However, if you have a smaller website (up to 50 pages) and are looking for an instant page load time reduction with a simplified setup, NitroPack OneClick™ is the way to go.
  • Which hosting providers offer NitroPack OneClick™
    Currently, NitroPack OneClick™ is only available on WP Engine. If you're interested in having NitroPack OneClick™ for your hosting solution, you can request access by booking a demo.
  • Is WP Engine's Page Speed Boost running on NitroPack OneClick™?
    Yes, Page Speed Boost is using NitroPack's One Click technology to speed up sites that run on WP Engine hosting.
  • How much does NitroPack OneClick™ cost?
    NitroPack OneClick™ is available as a paid add-on in hosting panels that are part of NitroPack’s partnership network. For specific pricing details, it's best to check with NitroPack directly or your hosting provider.
  • Will NitroPack OneClick™ speed up my site?
    Yes, NitroPack OneClick™ is designed to provide instant page load time reductions, enhancing your site's speed and performance. Pages load 30% faster when NitroPack OneClick™ is enabled

Speed up your site for the lowest price ever!

Privacy policy. Custom and enterprise plans are not part of this offer.

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