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NitroPack OneClick™

Speed up your site within your favorite hosting provider    

1. Quick one-click activation of page speed boost

2. Preconfigured set of NitroPack core features

3. Available in your hosting provider panel


Faster Page Load Times

With NitroPack OneClick™, your site visitors access content instantly, making their browsing experience smoother than ever before. Join the 91% of the sites that load within 3 sec thanks to NitroPack.

Reduced Bounce Rates

At 2.75s, your site visitors lose their patience. A faster-loading site reduces the risk of users abandoning your site after viewing only one page and sends positive signals to search engines about the quality and relevance of your content.

Enhanced Search Engine Ranking

Google and other search engines consider page speed a ranking factor. Rank high on Google and attract more organic traffic with NitroPack OneClick's optimizations.

Improved Bottom Line    

Fast-loading pages ensure your visitors stay happy and engage deeply with your website. Longer browsing times, more clicked links, and more pages explored are just several of the metrics you'll see improving once you activate NitroPack OneClick™.

What is NitroPack OneClick™?

NitroPack OneClick™ is a paid add-on provided by hosting providers in NitroPack’s partner network.

It is designed as a lightweight, preconfigured set of NitroPack core optimization features, perfect for speeding up small websites in less than a minute. All image, code, and caching optimizations work automatically out of the box once the add-on is activated.


Get 30 speed optimizations in one tool

Beyond the basic speed features of standard caching plugins, NitroPack OneClick™ stands out with advanced caching, streamlined code management, and cloud-based speed enhancements, all while seamlessly integrating with most hosting providers.


feature comparison

NitroPack OneClick™ is designed to come with the core front-end optimization features of NitroPack served on its cache layer

NitroPack OneClick™

Page caching

Built-in global CDN

Image optimization

CSS optimization

JS optimization

HTML optimization

Other page speed boosters

Page caching

Built-in global CDN

Basic image optimization

Basic CSS optimization

Basic JS optimization

HTML optimization


See how WP Engine turned NitroPack OneClick™ into the easiest powerful page speed booster on the market

  • What is the difference between NitroPack and NitroPack OneClick™?
    NitroPack offers a comprehensive optimization with 35+ features for all website sizes across various platforms. NitroPack OneClick™ is a simplified solution designed for smaller websites, providing instant speed boosts with a one-click setup, available as a paid add-on in select hosting panels.
  • Which one is better for my website: NitroPack or NitroPack OneClick™?
    If you have a larger website or need the option to make adjustments and scale your site performance, NitroPack would be the ideal choice. However, if you have a smaller website (up to 50 pages) and are looking for an instant page load time reduction with a simplified setup, NitroPack OneClick™ is the way to go.
  • Which hosting providers offer NitroPack OneClick™
    Currently, NitroPack OneClick™ is only available on WP Engine. If you're interested in having NitroPack OneClick™ for your hosting solution, you can request access by booking a demo.
  • Is WP Engine's Page Speed Boost running on NitroPack OneClick™?
    Yes, Page Speed Boost is using NitroPack's One Click technology to speed up sites that run on WP Engine hosting.
  • How much does NitroPack OneClick™ cost?
    NitroPack OneClick™ is available as a paid add-on in hosting panels that are part of NitroPack’s partnership network. For specific pricing details, it's best to check with NitroPack directly or your hosting provider.
  • Will NitroPack OneClick™ speed up my site?
    Yes, NitroPack OneClick™ is designed to provide instant page load time reductions, enhancing your site's speed and performance. Pages load 30% faster when NitroPack OneClick™ is enabled

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