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NitroPack vs. LiteSpeed Cache

Everything you need to know before choosing the best optimization plugin for your business

NitroPack or LiteSpeed Cache


LiteSpeed Cache is a caching plugin based on open-source technology that provides businesses of all sizes with a comprehensive optimization stack to boost site speed and performance.

NitroPack is an end-to-end optimization service that operates in the cloud. With its own enterprise-level infrastructure, this lightweight plugin packs 35+ features to enhance Core Web Vitals and speed on autopilot. Without the server downtime, resource overload, and malware attacks.

Side-By-Side Comparison

Discover the superior solution for your business beyond optimization features and support availability.

LiteSpeed Cache

Easy 3-min setup, works automatically 

Get started without manual configurations. More settings are available when you need them.

Enterprise-level server infrastructure

We handle all optimizations to unburden even the most resource-heavy websites and safeguard valuable resources.

No-touch updates via the cloud

Your website is up-to-date without any effort on your part. Updates and patches are seamlessly delivered via the cloud.

Market-revolutionizing features

Features like Font Subsetting and Adaptive Image Sizing push the envelope so your site is ahead of new performance developments.

Needs extra configuration for your setup

You may need to plan for some dev manpower to fine-tune the settings for your website.

Dependant on your framework and resources

Optimizations may strain your servers, cause downtime, and burn through your resources in peak traffic moments.

Manual updates and regular plugin checks

You need to keep an eye on updates and most recent patches and manually evaluate the plugin as per recent malware attacks.

All-round optimization stack

Includes most standard features on the market. May lack the optimization and innovation power needed for enterprise businesses.

79% of all NitroPack users say they don’t need other site optimization plugins

Which Plugin Is Safer for Your Website?

Compare the NitroPack and LiteSpeed Cache technologies to determine which one protects your website better.

LiteSpeed Cache

Hack log

Strong track record with no history of security breaches

Known plugin vulnerabilities since 2022 and mass attack in 2023

Code safety

Closed source code protected by in-house security team

Transparent code vulnerable to examination by malicious actors


Official security certificates: SOC2 Type 2; ISO 27001

Susceptible to injecting mass malware attacks

Attack detection

Robust security audit system to stop attack attempts

Dependant on community to detect and report a breach


Timely updates released via the cloud for all clients

Slow security patch launch that might not address all clients

How Does NitroPack Outperform LiteSpeed Cache

Core Web Vitals

43.17% of NitroPack users pass Core Web Vitals on mobile as opposed to 32.75% of LiteSpeed Cache users.


9 out of 10 users recommend NitroPack for the superior support

24/7/365 via live chat and a comprehensive knowledge base are a click away for all NitroPack users.

One-Click Optimization

NitroPack performs a great deal of optimization wizardry. The staff is very proactive and helpful. Live support is generally able to assist within a minute or two of any request and actually resolves most issues.

~ Jason Parras

NitroPack is definitely the best!

NitroPack is definitely the best site speed, conversions, and core web vitals plugin! My WordPress website was SO SLOW, and I couldn't find a way to make it work better until I found NitroPack, and it truly changed my life.

~ Marie Sarpi Durand

Considering a switch?

64% of NitroPack users who switched from other providers say this tipped the scales:

Undisputed leader in % users who pass Core Web Vitals

Superior optimization features you won’t find elsewhere

Easy integration + built-in CDN for no extra fees

Dedicated support that’s ready to go the extra mile

Available to websites outside the WordPress space

  • What is the difference between NitroPack and NitroPack OneClick™?
    NitroPack offers a comprehensive optimization with 35+ features for all website sizes across various platforms. NitroPack OneClick™ is a simplified solution designed for smaller websites, providing instant speed boosts with a one-click setup, available as a paid add-on in select hosting panels.
  • Which one is better for my website: NitroPack or NitroPack OneClick™?
    If you have a larger website or need the option to make adjustments and scale your site performance, NitroPack would be the ideal choice. However, if you have a smaller website (up to 50 pages) and are looking for an instant page load time reduction with a simplified setup, NitroPack OneClick™ is the way to go.
  • Which hosting providers offer NitroPack OneClick™
    Currently, NitroPack OneClick™ is only available on WP Engine. If you're interested in having NitroPack OneClick™ for your hosting solution, you can request access by booking a demo.
  • Is WP Engine's Page Speed Boost running on NitroPack OneClick™?
    Yes, Page Speed Boost is using NitroPack's One Click technology to speed up sites that run on WP Engine hosting.
  • How much does NitroPack OneClick™ cost?
    NitroPack OneClick™ is available as a paid add-on in hosting panels that are part of NitroPack’s partnership network. For specific pricing details, it's best to check with NitroPack directly or your hosting provider.
  • Will NitroPack OneClick™ speed up my site?
    Yes, NitroPack OneClick™ is designed to provide instant page load time reductions, enhancing your site's speed and performance. Pages load 30% faster when NitroPack OneClick™ is enabled

Ready to give NitroPack a go?

Join the 180,000 of the fastest sites in the world supercharged by NitroPack.

*14-day money back guarantee included

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