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NitroPack vs.
WP Rocket

Everything you need to know before choosing the best plugin for your business


What's the difference between NitroPack and WP Rocket?

NitroPack is a a versatile solution for optimized web performance giving you all the features you need for a fast site. It enhances website performance across platforms, delivering speed and an improved user experience, leading to increased sales.

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WP Rocket is a WordPress-only plugin limited to speeding up your site by optimizing cache and files, with additional improvements available at an extra cost.

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How does NitroPack rank up vs. WP Rocket?

Complex web performance issues require a solution that attacks all fronts. Where traditional caching plugins act as a Band-Aid, NitroPack’s capabilities remain unchallenged, and the numbers speak for themselves.

NitroPack is the
undisputed leader in
passed Core Web Vitals

When it comes to results that matter, NitroPack thrives.


Self-hosted vs. Cloud-based?

All 35 advanced optimization features come out of the box.

79% of all NitroPack users say they don’t need other site optimization plugins

Great Product and good service

TBH I am blown away with the prerformance of NitroPack after using WP Rocket for 3 years. Within an hour of adding this plugin to my website, the speed was drastically improved and all metrics aced!

~ Malcolm Hart, Owner of Rapidair Systems

Works better for me than WP Rocket

I’ve been using NitroPack about 6 months. I used WP Rocket before. I find Nitro easier to use and the results have been better. Overall very happy with NitroPack. Also, the support team is excellent and very responsive.

~ Robert Aufseeser  Founder of Law Office of R. A.

Why choose NitroPack over WP Rocket?

Flip through the most comprehensive comparison of NitroPack vs. WP Rocket

Easy-to-try, easy-to-use.

We offer monthly subscriptions, so you can test your CWV in 28 days. Opt out easily if we don't deliver on our promise.

All-in-one solution

All optimization features + top-tier CDN come in one lightweight plugin.

Get exactly what you paid for

$21/mo for the Basic Plan (caching, images and code optimizations, and CDN are included)


Only yearly plans available

Can't check your CWV results beyond their 14-day moneyback period and risk committing to 12 months of bad performance.

Get 3 separate plugins

Install (and pay for) two more critical plugins to get better site speed.

Pay extra to see better results

If you want optimized images and CDN, WP Rocket's price comes to а total of $22.8/mo

8 out of 10 users recommend NitroPack
for the superior support

Professional support means nothing if you can’t reach out when you need it the most. WP Rocket’s 9/6 is simply not enough. NitroPack is on 24/7.

NitroPack is the best
NitroPack is the best! After using many caching services I discovered NitroPack and have not looked back. It does exactly what it promises - speeds up your site immensely. And support is fast and super helpful.
Sara Swallow
Wonderfull support team
I had some problems with my website which appeared after optimization process. I contacted NitroPack support team and they very quickly spot the problem, made all the fixes by themselves.  Keep going guys!
Saidas Navikas

Considering a switch?

64% of NitroPack users who switched from WP Rocket say this tipped the scales:

Undisputed leader in % users who pass Core Web Vitals

Superior optimization features you won’t find elsewhere

Easy integration + built-in CDN for no extra fees

Dedicated support that’s ready to go the extra mile

Available to websites outside the WordPress space

Ready to give NitroPack a go?

With 190,000 of the fastest sites in the world, you will be in a good company.

*14-day money back guarantee included

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