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Improve your
Core Web Vitals with a single plugin

Right after set up, NitroPack automatically starts applying in-depth optimizations that allow your website to pass CWV, increase conversions, and offer an amazing user experience.

Fixing your Core Web Vitals means more conversions

Here’s how faster page speed on your site affects your revenue:

Load time boost *
1 sec

faster load time
increases your revenue with


every day

From failed to passed in a click of a button

You don’t need any tech skills to use NitroPack. Install it on your website and see your Core Web Vitals go from red to green in a matter of seconds.

From 30% to 88% CWV pass rate:
BionicWP improves more than 2000 websites with NitroPack

You’re 3 steps away from passing
your Core Web Vitals


Step 1: Create an account

Choose one of the available plans

Step 2: Install NitroPack 

Install the NitroPack plugin and then activate it

Step 3: Connect to NitroPack

Open the plugin and connect to start optimization

Best $$ we have ever spent

Really easy to connect to the website. Works with most platforms. And yes, it delivers what it says. We have been tweaking and breaking our heads over meeting benchmarks until we came across NitroPack. Best $$ we have ever spent.

~ Punit K., 5-star Trustpilot review

Choose the plan that best fits your needs.

No hidden costs, everything included.

Pricing Table.png

3-minute setup, zero coding

14 days money-back guarantee

24/7 expert support included

All 35 advanced features come with

 Instant results, minus the manual work

We hold nothing back

With NitroPack, your website gets fully optimized in the background while our team provides you with all the extra tools to run your business worry-free.

Resolve all questions with our 24/7 expert support team

Easily track your site speed with your own NitroPack dashboard

Get all updates over the cloud with zero server overhead

Surpass your competition with 35 pro optimization features

Safely test, revert, and optimize without losing original files

Suitable for every person, website, and niche

180,000+ website owners trust NitroPack and see the benefits

NitroPack is the best thing to happen to my clients’ eCommerce websites

NitroPack is the best thing to happen to my clients’ eCommerce websites since, well, since I built them. Immediately solved complex issues with crazy load times and CLS. Before NitroPack, it would be nearly impossible on a WordPress site as each page would need to be individually rewritten with CSS and JS totally rearranged, just not feasible.

~ Martin CT., 5-star Trustpilot review

Core Web Vitals passes even in real-world data

NitroPack does what it says on the tin. I'd read on the internet that it was bypassing actually reading the page, but if you read the PSI results it's reading the content. Core Web Vitals passes even in real-world data not just in lab conditions with great scores. Whenever I have an issue, my ticket is responded to quickly and they get the issue sorted straight away, would recommend

~ imaginewebdev, 5-start WordPress review


1. Besides SEO, why are the Core Web Vitals important?

People prefer to browse, read and buy from fast websites (LCP, FID). They also get annoyed when content moves around without notice (CLS). That's why these three metrics are essential for understanding how real users experience your site. For example, Google found that users are 24% less likely to abandon page loads when a site meets the Core Web Vitals thresholds.

2. Does my website need to pass all three Core Web Vitals metrics to get a ranking boost?

According to Google, you do not need a "good" score for all three metrics to get a ranking boost.

3. How can NitroPack help improve my site's Core Web Vitals?

NitroPack has everything needed for a fast website, including an advanced caching mechanism, a complete image optimization stack, a built-in CDN, a proprietary resource loader, and more. These features speed up your website and consequently - improve its Core Web Vitals.

4. How can I use NitroPack on my site?

NitroPack is available for WordPress, WooCommerce, OpenCart, and Magento sites via connectors (or extensions). These connectors make it easy to set up NitroPack without any technical expertise. You can also try our PHP SDK or API for custom-built sites.

5. Where can I learn more about NitroPack?

You can find more information about NitroPack's features on our site. If you want a deeper dive into how our service works, check out this blog post. Lastly, our Help Center has lots of articles and video guides.

180,000+ website owners never have to worry about slow loading speed again.

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