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Site Speed With a Cause!

Accelerate your website with a paid plan from NitroPack, and we will give back a percentage of your subscription value to the WordPress Foundation.


This Christmas season, your site speed goes beyond a simple metric.
At the end of the month,
part of the generated revenue will go toward the WP Foundation in support of the people who made NitroPack what it is today.

Why choose NitroPack?

With features that are as simple as they are powerful, you can hit all your KPIs like a pro.

Improved PSI score by 69%

Outperform your competitors and serve content faster than ever before

Reduce bounce rates

Attract more visitors with bounce probability as low as 32%

Boost sales

Accumulate 7% more revenue per 1s faster load time

Advance search rankings

Climb to better positions in SERP with a fast site Google rewards

Get more happy customers

Improve customer satisfaction by 16% for every second faster load time

Reduce advertising costs

Grow your ROI with an obstacle-free buyer journey

Pick your plan, optimizations start right away!

No extra plugins needed. No hidden fees.

Pass your Core Web Vitals and hit constant 90+ speed scores

All 35 advanced optimization features come out of the box.

Complete Image Optimization

Optimize even the most image-heavy site with smart compression, WebP conversion, and lazy loading features.

Advanced Caching Mechanism

NitroPack keeps your site cache as lean as possible to ensure an 80+ cache-hit ratio.

Automatic Updates in the Background

Always serve the latest content and impress your visitors with a smooth UX on all devices.

Cloudflare CDN Comes With

Overcome long distances with high-end CDN that helps your visitors experience your site in the fastest way possible.

Fewer Plugins to Manually Tweak

Replace all your speed plugins with an all-in-one web performance solution that runs on autopilot.

Here’s what folks at WordPress have to say about us

NitroPack stood out from the crowd

I'm the kind of person who obsesses over and hand-tunes the performance of my websites. By now, I think I've used pretty much every tool and technique out there to save bytes and milliseconds. NitroPack stood out from the crowd; I was surprised by how smart their approach was, and how much time it saved me. They're optimizing in ways that far exceeds the competition.

~ Jono Alderson, Head of SEO of Yoast

A caring team committed to the WordPress project

NitroPack supports your site with enhanced speed optimizations. But they are more than that. The support they have given beyond their product shows the value they find in all facets of this community, from users to developers, freelancers to agencies. Kudos to a job well done, as a product, a company, and a caring team committed to the WordPress project.

~ BobWP,  Founder of Do the Woo

Built to empower site owners, marketers, and developers on WordPress

NitroPack is not magic.
We simply go the extra mile for you.

Plus, in the next 25 days only, a percentage of every new paid subscription will go back to the WordPress foundation!

NitroPack helps 155,000+ site owners perform their best this holiday season and beyond!

*14-day money back guarantee included

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