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Celebrate 20 years of WordPress with a faster site

Get the site speed you always wanted with NitroPack, and join us in celebrating 20 years of WordPress.

Save 20% on all subscriptions with code WP20 and make every visit count.

Why NitroPack?

Our all-in-one tool optimizes all aspects of your website, including images, code, fonts, and more.  And the best part? You don’t need any technical skills to use NitroPack.

Improved PSI score by 56%

Outperform your competitors and serve content faster than ever before

Reduce bounce rates

Attract more visitors with bounce probability as low as 32%

Boost sales

Accumulate 7% more revenue per 1s faster load time

Advance search rankings

Climb to better positions in SERP with a fast site Google rewards

Get more happy customers

Improve customer satisfaction by 16% for every second faster load time

Reduce advertising costs

Grow your ROI with an obstacle-free buyer journey

Save 20% off any monthly or yearly plan

During the celebration period, all annual subscriptions come with additional 14% off. 
Supercharge your site for 12 months at the lowest price ever.




Save 20% with code WP20

1 website

50,000/mo pageviews

25GB/mo CDN bandwidth




Save 20% with code WP20

1 website

200,000/mo pageviews

100GB/mo CDN bandwidth




Save 20% with code WP20

1 website

1,000,000/mo pageviews

500GB/mo CDN bandwidth

Here’s what folks at WordPress have to say about us

NitroPack stood out from the crowd

 NitroPack stood out from the crowd; I was surprised by how smart their approach was, and how much time it saved me. They're optimizing in ways that far exceeds the competition.

~ Jono Alderson, Head of SEO of Yoast

Improved sales and performance

I've been using Nitropack for a few months now and there's really nothing that comes close to the performance. I've seen a significant rise in sales since installing it too.

~ Andy Gee from Immerse Networks

Built for excellent Core Web Vitals and speed

With user-friendly interface and 35+ fully-automated features it is easy for anyone to optimize their website.

Leader in passed Core Web Vitals

Pass Core Web Vitals. 42% of our customers already achieve that from the get go.

Highest Lighthouse Perfomance scores

Get 56% boost in your Performance scores by just activating NitroPack.

Complete Image Optimization

Optimize even the most image-heavy site with smart compression, WebP conversion, and lazy loading features.

Advanced Caching Mechanism

NitroPack keeps your site cache as lean as possible to ensure an 80+ cache-hit ratio.

Automatic Updates in the Background

Always serve the latest content and impress your visitors with a smooth UX on all devices.

Cloudflare CDN included

Overcome long distances with high-end CDN that helps your visitors experience your site in the fastest way possible.

9 out of 10 users recommend NitroPack for the superior service


1. What plans does the discount code apply for?

The discount code applies for both monthly and annual subscriptions. The 20% discount is applied on top of the annual discount.

2. Can existing NitroPack users apply the WP20 discount?

Existing customers can use the discount code for purchasing new subscriptions or upgrading their current ones.

3. Can I use the 20% discount on top of other discounts?

You cannot stack discount codes from multiple campaigns. The current discount code will replace any other discount code that you have previously entered upon checkout. 

4. Have other questions?

Contact us and we'll be happy to answer them!

Join 175,000 of the fastest sites in the world, now with 20% off on all plans.

*Offer ends June 4, 23:59 PM ET. Terms and Conditions apply.

© 2023 NitroPack

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