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Better Than Any Critical CSS Generator You’ve Ever Used

NitroPack takes care of the entire critical CSS process automatically - from generating to inlining it into your code. No need to do anything manually or hire an IT expert.

NitroPack will generate, inline, and customize the Critical CSS for you

All you have to do is sit back, relax, and watch your site get optimized.

Generating and inlining your site’s Critical CSS automatically.

After installing NitroPack, it does everything on its own. Our product will generate your Critical CSS and automatically inline it for you, so you don’t have to figure out how to do it.

Unique Critical CSS for every page and device type

NitroPack creates unique Critical CSS for every page and device type, resulting in better performance and stability. No manual work on your end.

Setting up NitroPack is as easy as using a free Critical CSS generator


Step 1: Create an account

Choose one of the available plans

Step 2: Install NitroPack 

Install the NitroPack plugin and then activate it

Step 3: Connect to NitroPack

Open the plugin and connect to start optimization

The plugin installation was very easy, and the results immediate and great

I had been looking for ways to improve the page speed without any significant improvement for months. Then I found NitroPack. The plugin installation was very easy, and the results immediate and great.

~ Olga W., 5-star Trustpilot review

Generating Critical CSS is a tiny part of NitroPack’s abilities.

Here's what else you get.

Advanced Caching

Complete Image Optimization Stack

Cutting-Edge Resource Loader

Code Optimization

NitroPack isn’t a tool. It’s a service for excellent results.

It doesn’t matter if a tool has 10 or 100 features. What matters is the results you can achieve. And with NitroPack, they will be nothing less than superb.

Awesome user experience on all devices, even the slower ones

6% revenue growth per
1 seconds faster
load time

Higher search rankings with a lightweight website Google loves

Lower bounce rates for greatly improved visitor retention

Green Core Web Vitals for amazing real-world page experience

Reduced advertising costs for game-changing ROI

NitroPack exceeded my expectations by volumes

Happy to say I was blown away! NitroPack exceeded my expectations by VOLUMES. Immediately after installing NitroPack, one of our problem sites went from a “D” in GTMetrix to an “A”! Out of the box, this kind of experience is unheard of for us. With that result, it was time to try another site that had speed challenges. Results were the same. IMMEDIATE improvement! That’s crazy.

~ Charles, 5-star Trustpilot review

Choose the plan that best fits your needs.

No hidden costs, everything included.

Pricing Table.png

3-minute setup, zero coding

14 days money-back guarantee

24/7 expert support included

All 35 advanced features come with

 Instant results, minus the manual work

Need a plan that covers multiple websites?

Contact us for a custom offer.

We hold nothing back

With NitroPack, your website gets fully optimized in the background while our team provides you with all the extra tools to run your business worry-free.

Resolve all questions with our 24/7 expert support team

Easily track your site speed with your own NitroPack dashboard

Get all updates over the cloud with zero server overhead

Surpass your competition with 35 pro optimization features

Safely test, revert, and optimize without losing original files

Suitable for every person, website, and niche

140 000+ website owners trust NitroPack and see the benefits

NitroPack is one of those rare products that work out-of-the-box

NitroPack is one of those rare products that work out-of-the-box. Performance exceeds expectations. Support is responsive and helpful. 5 stars all around!

~Pat S., 5-star Trustpilot review

Nothing works as well or as easily as NitroPack.

I’ve tried all kinds of solutions for improving my Elementor and WooCommerce site page speed scores - WP Rocket, Cloudflare APO, upgrading hosting. Nothing works as well or as easily as NitroPack.

~A. Martines, 5-star WordPress review


1. What is a Critical CSS?

Critical CSS (or critical path CSS) is the CSS applied to above-the-fold elements. Put simply, it's the CSS responsible for the content that's immediately visible when a user opens your website. A few things to unpack here. First, above-the-fold is the part of a page that users see without scrolling.

2. How is NitroPack different than the standard Critical CSS generators?

The online critical CSS tools only generate the code. Then, you have to inline it in your site’s HTML manually. NitroPack automates the process by generating and inlining the critical CSS for you. On top of that, NitroPack offers numerous other optimization that will allow your website to achieve excellent web performance, Core Web Vitals, and PSI score.

3. Why Is Critical CSS Important For Page Speed & UX?

CSS files are render-blocking by default. And if the CSS file is too large, page speed takes a serious hit. Actual performance isn’t the only problem, though. Unoptimized CSS also hurts the perceived performance. This can increase bounce rate and reduce conversions. By placing Critical CSS in the head tag of your HTML file instead of in an external stylesheet, NitroPack solves both issues.

4. How can I use NitroPack on my site?

NitroPack is available for WordPress, WooCommerce, OpenCart, and Magento sites via connectors (or extensions). These connectors make it easy to set up NitroPack without any technical expertise. You can also try our PHP SDK or API for custom-built sites.

5. Where can I learn more about NitroPack?

You can find more information about NitroPack's features on our site. If you want a deeper dive into how our service works, check out this blog post. Lastly, our Help Center has lots of articles and video guides.

140,000+ website owners never have to worry about slow loading speed again.

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