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Get 100/100 PageSpeed Score Without Lifting
a Finger

You don't need multiple pagespeed optimization solutions, you need the best one. NitroPack will get you from red to green in no time. Automatically!

Plug & Play Website Speed Optimization in the Cloud

Zero Hassle, Instant Results

Start passing all your PageSpeed audits

NitroPack's the leading website performance optimization tool to deal with all PSI improvement suggestions.

Eliminate Render-Blocking Resources

Critical CSS, removing unused CSS, JavaScirpt lazy loading, and code compression and minification are some of NitroPack’s features that play a significant role in eliminating your site’s render-blocking resources.

Reduce Unused CSS

NitroPack’s remove unused CSS feature finds CSS rules that aren’t used on the page and removes them. By doing so, we lower the total number of bytes that have to be downloaded and ensure browsers can start rendering the page faster.

Defer Off-Screen and Properly Size Images

NitroPack’s complete image optimization stack will lazy load all your images, iFrames, and videos and compress and convert them in WebP for ultimate performance.

Minify Resources

Minifying HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files mean that NitroPack is stripping all dispensable parts from their code to make it lighter without affecting the design or functionality.

From 24 to 100 with NitroPack:
A massive site speed boost for the Norwegian digital marketing agency Mikalsen Utvikling

You’re 3 steps away from a 100/100 PSI Score


Step 1: Create an account

Choose one of the available plans

Step 2: Install NitroPack 

Install the NitroPack plugin and then activate it

Step 3: Connect to NitroPack

Open the plugin and connect to start optimization

Best $$ we have ever spent

Really easy to connect to the website. Works with most platforms. And yes, it delivers what it says. We have been tweaking and breaking our heads over meeting benchmarks until we came across NitroPack. Best $$ we have ever spent.

~ Punit K., 5-star Trustpilot review

Choose the plan that best fits your needs.

No hidden costs, everything included.

Pricing Table.png

3-minute setup, zero coding

14 days money-back guarantee

24/7 expert support included

All 35 advanced features come with

 Instant results, minus the manual work

From failed to passed in a click of a button

You don’t need any tech skills to use NitroPack. Install it on your website and see your Core Web Vitals go from red to green in a matter of seconds.

Suitable for every person, website, and niche

140 000+ website owners trust NitroPack to achieve green PSI scores

NitroPack is one of the best web speed optimization tools

NitroPack is one of the best web speed optimization tools, their product is incredible, and the customer service is exceptional. Regarding page speed, my website’s speed was 40, and after using NitroPack, it is more than 95 on the “google PageSpeed score,” which is just incredible.

~ Navneet R., 5-star Trustpilot review

The first speed plugin that speeds up the site without altering the theme or site functions

This is the first speed/optimization plugin that actually speeds up the site without altering the theme or site functions, and I’ve tried several. We went from a 21 to a 93 on the Google PageSpeed Insights score—amazing! Additionally, their support is top-notch, quick to reply and help solve any setup questions

~ Jeff P., 5-star Trustpilot review


1. What is a good PageSpeed score?

A PageSpeed score of 90 or above is considered good. A score between 50 and 90 needs improvement. And anything below 50 is considered poor.

2. How do you score a perfect 100 on Google PageSpeed Insights?

Getting a perfect PageSpeed score isn’t an easy task. To achieve it, you need to apply different performance optimizations like compressing images, applying caching techniques, using a CDN to serve your content, and optimizing your site’s code. It requires a lot of technical knowledge or financial resources to hire a web performance expert to do it for you. Or you can install NitroPack, and we can take care of your site’s performance automatically.

3. How can NitroPack help improve my site's PSI score and Core Web Vitals?

NitroPack has everything needed for a fast website, including an advanced caching mechanism, a complete image optimization stack, a built-in CDN, a proprietary resource loader, and more. These features speed up your website and consequently - improve its PSI score and Core Web Vitals.

4. How can I use NitroPack on my site?

NitroPack is available for WordPress, WooCommerce, OpenCart, and Magento sites via connectors (or extensions). These connectors make it easy to set up NitroPack without any technical expertise. You can also try our PHP SDK or API for custom-built sites.

5. Where can I learn more about NitroPack?

You can find more information about NitroPack's features on our site. If you want a deeper dive into how our service works, check out this blog post. Lastly, our Help Center has lots of articles and video guides.

140,000+ website owners never have to worry about slow loading speed again.

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